Game of Life

This is an HTML5 canvas experiment implementing J.H. Conway's famous "Game of Life" cellular automaton game. In its pure mathematical form, the game requires an infinite grid. But given the constraint of finite computing resources, this would be impractical, so the universe is limited in size. This may affect evolutions to not be 100% accurate mathematically, depending on the amount of grid space required. It's still fun, though.

iIterate once rReset
sStart cClear
zZoom out dSpeed up
xZoom in aSlow down
Initial pattern

Use the controls to start game. Keyboard shortcuts are highlighted as black keys.

You can at any time create live cells by drawing on the canvas with the left mouse button and kill cells using any other mouse button.

You can select starting patterns and visual themes from the dropdown menus under the controls. Each initial pattern sets a suitable zoom level, but you can always make the pattern redraw at a different level by using the "Reset" function.

Code is on Github.