Hi. I enjoy coding and dealing with stubborn problems. I’ve been using GNU/Linux-based operating systems privately and professionally for years, because I like the power, flexibility and freedom of the platform. As formal background, I have a master’s degree in information science from the University of Oslo from 2005, specialising in object orientation, modelling and programming languages.

ØyvindI am employed at USIT as a systems developer in the web department. I mainly work on development of the in-house solution for web publishing used at the University of Oslo, focusing on backend components and architecture, search solutions and general system maintenance.



You can find me at various other places around the web. Here are some:


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My OpenPGP key is here: https://stegard.net/dl/oyvindstegard.pub.asc

Its finger print is: FDA4 0F11 ACBD 592F 6E3E  34A4 DD0A 3BAF D88C 4C98

This key is also distributed to various OpenPGP key servers on the internet.