Shall I gift wrap your browser monopoly, sir ?

Back in 2019 I write a post about the importance of supporting the Mozilla Firefox web browser:

I think standards are hugely important to keeping the web open and accessible for all, and I strongly dislike browser engine monopolies. Web publishing needs diversity in applications which consume, process and present the data, as a force that pulls it towards agreed upon and open standards.

Fast forward three years, and the web is even closer to complete Google domination, with Firefox usage on the decline. By that, I mean Google controlling a browser with a market share close to 65%[1], and that’s not including all the Blink engine Chrome clones out there. If we include all of those browsers, the market share is over 70%[1]. Compare that with Mozilla Firefox’ current 3.3%[1] market share – and you get a truly unfortunate story. If you want a history lesson, in case you are too young to remember, check out the First browser war[3]. The bottom line is that it’s rarely, if ever, a good thing when a single profit driven entity controls important technology world wide at this scale. It takes away your freedom. The open web of information should belong the people and not corporations using the people as products.

I recently stumbled across a YouTuber by the name of Gardiner Bryant, and he has published a video where he elaborates on the issue of browser and web tech domination. I urge you to watch it and make up your own mind:

Video poster
Gardiner Bryant – Firefox is on the verge of extinction. What can they do about it?

I say well said. And in case you had forgotten; Mozilla Firefox is still a great open source browser, and you really need no political reasons to use and support it.


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