This page presents an overview of some tools and various snippets of code I originally wrote for personal use. I’ll be adding some more coding projects as I find time to whip them into release worthy shape. Some have been moved to GitHub.

And to quote the GNU General Public License: «.. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful ..».


I’ve made some projects publicly available through my GitHub repository.



Indicator Session Idle Inhibit

A simple appindicator for Ubuntu+Unity which allows you to control session idleness (e.g. prevent your monitor from turning off temporarily). It’s similar to the already existing Caffeine project, although it’s smaller, simpler and with less features.

I haven’t gotten around to making deb packages of it yet. Just grab the code from the GitHub repo for now:
[GitHub link]

bashgit – simple colored git branch status in Bash prompt

Simply put your git branch status in your prompt, with some status coloring. This is a no fuzz simple implementation of exactly that.

[GitHhub link]


A podcast downloader written in Bourne shell script.
[GitHub link]


A command line rsync frontend.
[GitHub link]


A page with Emacs-related resources.
[GitHub link]


Lightweight shellscript tool to extract and display data from Maven POM files as plain text.

fat – FU Audio Tool

Fat is a command line tool which does tagging and renaming of audio files. Amongst other strange things.