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This is my GNU Emacs page. I basically use Emacs for all text editing except Java coding, where I generally use Netbeans. (For small and quick editing tasks, I tend to use GNU nano.)

As it happens, Emacs is much more than just an editor. I use Gnus for all my email needs, which is a strange and awesomely configurable beast of a News reader, built on top of the Emacs Operating System, that also happens to support email.

An editor needs to be programmable. Enter the wonderful runtime extensible world of Emacs Lisp. Lisp is fun, however strange it might look at first. It allows me to implement new things that I need, fix things that annoy me and tweak things to work exactly how I want.

I made a GitHub repostory where I’ve put some cleaned-up Emacs hacks. Like most of my other coding projects, I’ll update it with new stuff whenever I have some time to spare.


Here are some links to Emacs resources I tend to frequent:

  • GNU Emacs home page
  • EmacsWiki
    Contains a huge amount of Emacs resources in wiki form, with lots of code and configuration help. Very handy.
  • MasteringEmacs.org
  • Lisp reference manual
    If you’re going to be doing Emacs Lisp coding, this place is worth a visit or two. Or three. Also note that the complete manual should be available from within Emacs itself, in info-format (C-h i).